Jade Road

JBDS was hired to conceptualize how to brand and present this company that offers Turn Key services, primarily to the Beauty industry. They needed a “look” and “position” for the business, supported by collateral and on-line presence, starting with a website. Capitalizing on their point of difference, being able to offer unique materials and finishes, and having the ability to produce goods made more artistically, things their competitors cannot, JBDS suggested to change the clarifier tag from “Design & Packaging” to “Artisanal Packaging”. To support this approach, JBDS suggested imagery that combined the textures and unique raw materials with the finished outcomes. JBDS conceived and directed the photoshoot, and created other photo composites to help communicate each section of the website.

JBDS refreshed the logo itself, designed business cards, conceptualized all imagery (still and video), directed  photoshoot for website, and defined how to organize and graphically illustrate all the content on the website. JBDS built the site on SquareSpace.

This work has not yet been integrated into their business but you can see a video of the site here.

Branding, Graphics, Websites